Hollywood News, Jacob Elordi and Chloe Fineman
Hollywood News, Jacob Elordi and Chloe Fineman

In Hollywood, Jacob Elordi is gaining fame as a rising star. Known for The Kissing Booth movies, he’s impressed in projects like Euphoria and Priscilla, where he portrayed Elvis Presley. Now nominated for two BAFTA awards, Elordi made his Saturday Night Live! debut on January 20, 2024. However, his on-screen kiss with Chloe Fineman received mixed reviews, with many finding it not funny.

Saturday Night Live! has been a staple of comedic entertainment, but in recent years, its viewership has declined. Some attribute this to a lack of humorous content and inconsistent jokes. An example of this is the recent sketch with Jacob Elordi and Chloe Fineman.

SNL Debut for Jacob Elordi: A Kiss That Stirred Controversy

In the skit, Fineman played Tiffany, a bachelorette in a game called Crown Your Short King. Despite her preference for taller guys, she found herself drawn to Elordi’s character, Jackson, who was much taller than the other contestants but lacked intelligence. The make-out scene that followed was criticized for being awkward and over-the-top, highlighting the show’s alleged lack of genuinely funny content.

Fans have expressed disappointment in Saturday Night Live!, saying it’s trying too hard to be funny and missing the mark. After Elordi and Fineman’s viral moment, some positive comments emerged, but the overall sentiment suggests that Elordi might be better off sticking to acting rather than hosting.

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