Imagine Dragons' Music Video Helped A 15-Year-Old Kid Rebuild His Home. Read More.
Imagine Dragons' Music Video Helped A 15-Year-Old Kid Rebuild His Home. Read More.

In a world often overshadowed by the grim realities of conflict, Imagine Dragons, the popular rock band, has emerged as a beacon of hope and compassion. Their recent humanitarian efforts have not only showcased their commitment to making a difference but have also touched the souls of millions around the globe.

The band’s music video, “Crushed,” took a poignant turn by featuring the harrowing story of Sashko, a 15-year-old Ukrainian boy whose life was upended by the devastating Russian-Ukrainian war. The video, directed by Ty Arnold, the Director of Photography for Imagine Dragons, portrayed the stark reality of Sashko’s demolished home and neighbourhood, offering viewers a powerful glimpse into the outcomes of conflict.

The idea of featuring Sashko in the video arrived when The guy behind the camera, Ty Arnold, met Sashko in Ukraine and was so moved by his story that he wanted the whole world to know about it. The band’s alliance with the UNITED24 initiative, spearheaded by President Zelinsky to gather donations for Ukrainians affected by the war, sparked a wave of generosity. Imagine Dragons’ association with the cause played a pivotal role in garnering substantial donations for UNITED24.

The funds raised by UNITED24 became a lifeline for rebuilding Sashko’s world after the war. The global success of Imagine Dragons’ music video attracted a private donor who rebuilt Sashko’s home in Novohryhorivka. Sashko’s transformed life is a modern-day fairy tale, with his once-ruined house now a symbol of resilience. The new foundation not only restored the walls but also added essential amenities, turning it into a reliable sanctuary.

UNITED24 handed over the keys to Sashko and his mother, marking the end of a six-month community effort. The project resurrected their home and fulfilled a dream: a terrace for Sashko’s mother and a nearby shelter. This encounter shows the transformative power of art, music, and collective compassion, proving that even in dark times, Imagine Dragons can be a force for positive change.

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