Harrison Ford Receives Career Achievement Award with Emotional Tribute and Gratitude at Critics Choice Awards
Harrison Ford Receives Career Achievement Award with Emotional Tribute and Gratitude at Critics Choice Awards

Actor Harrison Ford experienced a heartfelt moment as he accepted the Career Achievement Award at the 2024 Critics Choice Awards, presented by his “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” director, James Mangold. Mangold’s introduction was both eloquent and emotional, describing Ford as a “variable hypergiant,” a stellar presence that encompasses multitudes, attracts other stars, and has illuminated lives worldwide.

Mangold then delved into Ford’s illustrious filmography, tracing his cinematic journey from classics like “American Graffiti” to iconic roles in “Blade Runner,” “Working Girl,” “Air Force One,” “The Fugitive,” and, of course, the unforgettable Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises.

In a visibly moved state, Harrison Ford expressed gratitude, acknowledging the role of luck and the collaborative efforts of directors, writers, and filmmakers in shaping his career. “I feel enormously lucky. I’m happy for this honor, and I appreciate it very much,” he said.

Ford took a moment to express gratitude to his wife, Calista Flockhart, recognizing her unwavering support. “I wanna thank my lovely wife … who supports me when I need a lot of support — and I need a lot of support,” he humorously mentioned.

The Hollywood veteran also extended thanks to fellow actors, acknowledging their contributions to his journey. “I’m grateful to all the fine actors, I see many of them here tonight that I worked with, and I’m deeply happy to have had the opportunities that I’ve had, and I’m grateful,” he added.

In a brief yet poignant conclusion, Harrison Ford expressed his appreciation for the award and the audience’s time. “Thank you. I won’t take any more of your time. Thank you,” he graciously concluded, encapsulating the humility and gratitude that have defined his remarkable career.

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