Exclusive | Camila Cabello Launches New Track 'I Adore It' Featuring Playboi Carti
Exclusive | Camila Cabello Launches New Track 'I Adore It' Featuring Playboi Carti

In an exciting leap into her latest musical chapter, Camila Cabello has dropped her newest single, “I Adore It,” featuring Playboi Carti, accompanied by a visually stunning music video.

The anticipation for this single has been building for weeks, with Cabello tantalizing fans by sharing sneak peeks of the track across her social media platforms. Produced by the talented El Guincho (known for his work with Rosalía and Björk) and co-produced by Jasper Harris (associated with Baby Keem and Jack Harlow), “I Adore It” cleverly incorporates a prominent sample from Gucci Mane’s 2009 hit “Lemonade,” hinting at a potential shift into PC Music territory for her forthcoming project.

A Surreal Journey with Camila Cabello’s “I Adore It”

Directed by Nicolás Méndez, the music video for “I Adore It” presents a surreal collage of scenes. We witness Cabello engaging in bizarre activities, from sipping what appears to be beer from a gas nozzle to clinging to a towering palm tree while a firefighter prepares to chop it down. The imagery takes a more intense turn as Cabello sits in a hospital waiting room with an arrow piercing her chest, adding layers of intrigue to the visual narrative.

Camila Cabello is currently preparing for the release of her highly anticipated fourth album, “C, XOXO.” Her previous album, “Familia,” dropped in 2022 and boasted hits like “Don’t Go Yet” and “Bam Bam,” featuring guest appearances from Willow and Ed Sheeran. In a recent cover shoot with Paper magazine, Cabello delved into the inspiration behind “I Adore It.”

“In our human experience, certain moments make me feel as though I’m drifting in outer space. One of those rare occurrences is the electrifying chemistry shared with another person,” she shared. “It’s a cocktail of emotions—chaos, butterflies, nerves, and passion. It’s tumultuous, draining, yet utterly exhilarating. But you know what? I adore it.”

With “I Adore It,” Camila Cabello continues to captivate audiences with her distinctive sound and artistic vision, leaving fans eager for what’s to come in her evolving musical journey.

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