Emma Stone's Candid Confession: Beyond Sexuality in 'Poor Things'
Emma Stone's Candid Confession: Beyond Sexuality in 'Poor Things'

Emma Stone faced probing questions about her portrayal of Bella in the film “Poor Things,” particularly regarding the character’s sexuality. Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, the movie has garnered significant attention, securing 11 Oscar nominations and positioning Emma Stone as a frontrunner for the Best Actress award.

During a panel discussion for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures nominees, Stone addressed inquiries about the challenges of embodying Bella’s sexual aspects. Contrary to expectations, she revealed that this aspect wasn’t particularly difficult, attributing the smooth execution to the presence of an intimacy coordinator and closed sets. According to Stone, the meticulously choreographed scenes made them manageable.

Emma Stone
Emma Stone

Beyond Intimacy: Emma Stone’s Insights on ‘Poor Things’

However, she candidly shared that scenes depicting Bella indulging in pastel de natas posed a greater challenge. The process of consuming 60 Portuguese tarts convincingly, despite their initial deliciousness, proved taxing for the actress. Additionally, portraying Bella’s visceral reactions to witnessing death and decay presented more significant hurdles compared to the nudity, which seemed to dominate discussions surrounding the film.

Emma Stone has consistently fielded questions about the film’s nudity and intimate scenes, emphasizing that they are just one facet of Bella’s multifaceted journey. She views Bella’s exploration of sexuality as part of a broader spectrum that includes her discoveries in food, philosophy, travel, and dance.

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