Dua Lipa Takes Center Stage On SNL, Acknowledges Controversy, And Shares 'Radical Optimism'
Dua Lipa Takes Center Stage On SNL, Acknowledges Controversy, And Shares 'Radical Optimism'

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live saw the return of both the iconic sketch comedy show and the multifaceted talent of Dua Lipa. Serving as both host and musical guest, Lipa, fresh off the release of her highly-anticipated album ‘Radical Optimism,’ brought her signature charm and wit to Studio 8H.

Opening the show with a spirited monologue, Dua Lipa humorously introduced herself, playfully referencing the nickname “Dula Peep.” She shared anecdotes about her supportive parents and the journey from Kosovo to London that kickstarted her career. Amidst the laughter, she explained the ethos behind her new album, defining ‘radical optimism’ as finding the bright side in any situation.

Inviting audience members to share their woes, Dua Lipa dished out comedic ‘bright sides’ to their problems. However, when confronted by a parody of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, donning a MAGA hat, Lipa swiftly shut down the joke, referencing the recent controversy surrounding Noem’s account of shooting her puppy.

Dua Lipa Takes the SNL Stage: Highlights and Surprises

While the monologue set the tone, Lipa dazzled with musical performances of tracks from her latest album. Joined by surprise guests Jerry Seinfeld and Troye Sivan, Lipa’s stage presence was electric, delivering standout performances of “Happy for You” and “Illusion.”

Beyond her musical talents, Lipa showcased her comedic chops in various sketches throughout the night. From a culture critic on a fictional morning show to a participant in a quirky skit involving a Sonny Angel doll, Lipa’s versatility shone brightly.

This appearance marked Lipa’s return to SNL since her 2020 guest spot, and she didn’t disappoint. In a promotional teaser leading up to the episode, Lipa jokingly passed off her singing duties to cast member Chloe Fineman, hinting at her comedic sensibilities.

‘Radical Optimism’ has received praise since its release, with Lipa sharing that the album’s title was inspired by a concept she encountered years ago. The idea of navigating chaos with grace resonated deeply with her, shaping the album’s themes and messages.

Dua Lipa’s triumphant return to Saturday Night Live was a testament to her talent and magnetism, leaving audiences eager for more of her radical optimism.

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