Drake Responds After X-Rated Video Allegedly Of The Rapper Goes Viral
Drake Responds After X-Rated Video Allegedly Of The Rapper Goes Viral

Drake has once again found himself at the center of internet chatter, this time due to an x-rated video rumored to feature him going viral. Speculation arose because of a revealing video circulating online, with some alleging that the 37-year-old artist played a significant role in it.

While the rapper and singer often shares glimpses of his lavish lifestyle in his multi-million dollar mansion, it seems he showcased another aspect of himself in this particular video. Shared by an unidentified individual, the clip showed the lower half of a man exposed while enjoying himself, leading many to connect it with Drake.

Drake: The Rapper Goes Viral
Drake: The Rapper Goes Viral

People On ‘X’ React To The Leaked Video

Swiftly, fans of the rapper flooded social media platforms in surprise and disbelief. One X user expressed shock, saying, “Wdym drake got lea… OH MY GOSH,” while another lamented, “How do I unseen it.” Others urged caution, advising against investigating why #Drake was trending as it wasn’t related to his music.

Drake Responds To Rumors

So, what did the rapper and singer have to say about the whole ordeal? Well, it seems he addressed it indirectly. Adin Ross, a popular streamer, took it upon himself to reach out to the rapper directly, questioning whether the man in the video was indeed him. In a live stream, Ross shared a voice note he sent to the rapper, expressing his disbelief and awe at the situation.

Drake allegedly responded to Ross, reportedly sending back a message with eight laughing emojis. Furthermore, he even hinted at using Ross’s voice note as the intro for his next album. This nonchalant response suggests that the rapper isn’t particularly bothered by the video’s circulation.


Unsurprisingly, fans took to X to share their amusement at Drake’s apparent response. Some speculated that his reaction confirmed his involvement, while others praised the idea of using Ross’s voice note as an album intro.

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