Hollywood News, Demi Lovato
Hollywood News, Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is facing mixed reactions on social media following her rendition of the 2013 hit song “Heart Attack” at a recent cardiovascular health event hosted by the American Heart Association (AHA).

The performance took place during the Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection Concert in New York City, where Lovato included the track as part of her 10-song set. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the singer shared that she initially believed she wouldn’t be able to perform the song again after her past heart attack and near-death experience. However, she has since reclaimed the song and took a moment to express its personal significance to her and her journey.

Addressing the audience, Demi Lovato stated:

“While my next song is about the intense feelings that come with falling in love as well as heartbreak, opening yourself up, taking risks, and not being afraid to do it again, this song has many parallels for me, my journey, and serves as a reminder for all of us in the room about how strong the mind-heart-body connection truly is.”

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Demi Lovato’s Song Choice Sparks Controversy at Heart Association Event

Despite Demi Lovato’s heartfelt explanation, some individuals questioned the appropriateness of performing “Heart Attack” at a cardiovascular health event. A TikTok user commented,

“I think ‘Heart Attack’ should have been left off that list, considering there was a roomful of people who have had heart attacks. I just don’t know the motivation behind that one.”

In defense of Lovato, other fans pointed out that the singer had experienced a heart attack herself in 2018 after overdosing, a revelation she shared in her 2021 docuseries, “Dancing With the Devil.”

The Hollywood Reporter also revealed that the American Heart Association supported Lovato’s decision to perform “Heart Attack” and that the performance was well-received by the audience.

Demi Lovato American-Heart-Associations Red Dress

The Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection Concert aimed to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease and generate funds to support research for lifesaving discoveries. The inclusion of “Heart Attack” in Lovato’s set has sparked a debate about the balance between personal expression and the appropriateness of song choices in specific event contexts.

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