Check Out | Zendaya Honors Williams Sisters With Carolina Herrera Gown And White Beads
Check Out | Zendaya Honors Williams Sisters With Carolina Herrera Gown And White Beads

Stepping into the limelight once more, Zendaya, the star of “Challengers,” has been capturing attention during the spring press circuit for the forthcoming Hollywood spectacle. Each appearance is a sartorial homage to her cinematic inspiration, ranging from a dazzling green ensemble reminiscent of a tennis ball to a chic, pleated skirt evoking the ambiance of Wimbledon.

Her latest style tribute pays homage to two titans of the sport: Venus and Serena Williams.

In a recent photo shoot for Vogue magazine, Zendaya channels the iconic 1998 imagery of the Williams sisters. Clad in a flowing Carolina Herrera gown adorned with white beads, She mirrors the striking look captured by Annie Leibovitz two and a half decades ago. The image, showcasing a 17-year-old Serena and an 18-year-old Venus embracing on a pristine white couch, remains etched in fashion history.

Designer Wes Gordon of Herrera revealed to Vogue his enduring admiration for the iconic snapshot, prompting a collaboration with Zendaya’s longtime stylist, Law Roach, to recreate its essence for the modern era. Roach, sharing the revitalized images on Instagram, dubs it an “ode to the greats,” expressing gratitude to the Williams sisters for their enduring influence.

A Fashion Tribute: Zendaya Honors the Legacy of Venus and Serena Williams

Among the attendees at the Los Angeles premiere of “Challengers” was Venus Williams herself, providing her with a unique opportunity to discuss her homage to the iconic photoshoot. Expressing her anticipation of meeting the tennis legend beforehand, Zendaya later shared a poignant snapshot of their encounter on the red carpet, labeling the moment as “special.”

In a delightful twist, Williams herself acknowledges the rendezvous in the comments, confirming, “Zendaya found me.”

“Challengers” is set to hit theaters in the U.S. on April 26, promising an electrifying cinematic experience intertwined with a tribute to the timeless legacy of Venus and Serena Williams.

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