Hollywood News, Bruce Springsteen with his mother Adele
Hollywood News, Bruce Springsteen with his mother Adele

Iconic rock star Bruce Springsteen took to Instagram on Thursday (Feb. 1) to share the heartbreaking news of his mother’s passing. Adele Springsteen, who had reached the remarkable age of 98, left a legacy of love and cherished moments with her family.

In a touching tribute, the 74-year-old Boss posted a heartwarming throwback video of himself dancing with his late mother. The clip featured the duo moving gracefully to Glenn Miller’s classic tune, “In the Mood.” Accompanying the video was a caption that solemnly announced Adele Springsteen’s dates of birth and passing.

Adding a poignant touch, Bruce Springsteen incorporated lyrics from his 1998 song, “The Wish,” in the caption. Expressing memories of mornings and the routines of his mother’s workday, the lyrics painted a nostalgic picture of a time gone by. The verses captured the essence of a loving bond between a mother and son, creating a powerful and emotional homage.

Bruce Springsteen’s Tribute: Adele’s Legacy of Love and Dance

Adele Springsteen was more than just the mother of a rock legend; she was a vibrant supporter of Bruce’s music. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she would occasionally join her son onstage, showcasing her love for dance. Bruce Springsteen fondly shared anecdotes about his mother’s passion for dancing, describing her as someone who reveled in the era of big bands and swing music from the ’40s.

In his tribute, Springsteen recalled his mother’s enduring love for dancing, even as she battled Alzheimer’s in her later years. Despite the challenges posed by the disease, the joy of dancing remained an integral part of Adele’s spirit. Her dedication to the art of dance became a symbol of resilience and a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

Adele Springsteen is survived by her three children: Bruce, Pamela, and Virginia. Her husband, Douglas Springsteen, to whom she was married in 1948, passed away in 1998. The Springsteen family matriarch leaves behind a legacy of love, music, and the enduring spirit of dance.

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