Benny Breaks Out: Safdie Brothers Make Shocking Career Split Decision
Benny Breaks Out: Safdie Brothers Make Shocking Career Split Decision

In a surprising turn of events, the dynamic filmmaking duo, the Safdie brothers, Josh and Benny Safdie, have officially parted ways, as revealed in a recent interview with Variety. While rumors of a potential falling out have circulated, Benny Safdie confirmed that the decision was amicable and rooted in their individual desires to explore different aspects of the entertainment industry.

The brothers, who gained widespread acclaim for their collaborative efforts, have decided to embark on solo journeys. Benny Safdie, in particular, is stepping into the spotlight not only as a director but also as an actor, signalling a departure from the duo’s traditional collaboration.

In the Variety interview, Benny expressed his eagerness for newfound freedom in his creative pursuits. “It’s a natural progression of what we each want to explore,” he stated. “I will direct on my own, and I will explore things that I want to explore. I want that freedom right now in my life.”

This announcement comes as Benny Safdie delves deeper into acting and takes on the challenge of helming a solo film alongside none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The move hints at Benny’s determination to carve his own path and embrace diverse roles within the entertainment industry.

One project left in limbo due to this split is a film set in the world of sports memorabilia, starring Adam Sandler and featuring Megan Thee Stallion in the cast. Benny, who was not heavily involved in the script and didn’t co-write, claimed the film is currently “on pause.” The uncertainty surrounding their future collaborations has left fans wondering if and when the Safdie brothers will reunite for another cinematic venture.

The Safdie brothers left an indelible mark as a filmmaking duo with five feature films. Their breakout moment occurred with the 2017 film “Good Time,” a gritty small-town crime drama starring Robert Pattinson and Benny Safdie himself. The film garnered critical acclaim and marked the beginning of the Safdie brothers’ rise in the industry, with Jennifer Jason Leigh also delivering a notable performance.


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