Behind the Scenes Drama: Kelly Rowland Exits Today Show, Rita Ora Steps In!
Behind the Scenes Drama: Kelly Rowland Exits Today Show, Rita Ora Steps In!

Kelly Rowland’s abrupt exit from the set of the Today show, allegedly due to a dressing room issue, resulted in Rita Ora stepping up to take her place, according to insider sources.

Reportedly, Kelly Rowland and her team were dissatisfied with her dressing room accommodations, prompting her to leave suddenly. Rita Ora graciously agreed to step in at the last minute, impressing many with her performance.

Kelly Rowland and Rita Ora
Kelly Rowland and Rita Ora

Dressing Room Dilemma: Kelly Rowland’s Departure and Rita Ora’s Impromptu Appearance

While representatives for Rowland and the Today Show declined to comment, Page Six initially broke the story, revealing that Rowland was initially scheduled to appear on the 8 a.m. segment before co-hosting the fourth hour with Hoda Kotb.

It’s reported that Rowland requested a specific green room, but it was already occupied by Jennifer Lopez. Feeling unhappy with the alternative dressing room offered, Rowland decided to leave, leaving the show scrambling for a replacement.

Currently, Rowland is busy promoting her new Netflix film, “Mea Culpa,” directed by Tyler Perry, which follows the story of a defense attorney entangled in a dangerous case involving a seductive artist accused of murder.

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