Anne-Marie's Stealth Pregnancy: How She Kept Baby Seven A Secret For Nine Months
Anne-Marie's Stealth Pregnancy: How She Kept Baby Seven A Secret For Nine Months

In a surprising turn of events, pop sensation Anne-Marie has quietly welcomed her first child, a daughter named Seven, with her rapper partner Slowthai. The news comes as a shock to fans who were unaware of her pregnancy, which she managed to conceal for the entire nine months.

According to reports, Anne-Marie, 32, gave birth last month, choosing the name Seven as a tribute to her favorite number. The significance of the number is profound for the singer, who even has it tattooed on her body as what she calls her “angel number.”

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A source close to the couple revealed to The Sun, “Anne-Marie and Slowthai have had a baby daughter they’ve named Seven. It is Anne-Marie’s lucky number and she even has 0707 tattooed on her because she sees them as her angel numbers. She was born last month and both of them are absolutely delighted. Anne-Marie has always wanted to be a mum so this is an amazing time for her.”

Unveiling Anne-Marie’s Stealth Pregnancy: How She Concealed Baby Seven for Nine Months

This revelation comes after reports emerged suggesting that Anne-Marie and Slowthai secretly tied the knot in Las Vegas during the summer of 2022. Since the birth of their child, both parents have retreated from the public eye, clearing their social media accounts of any previous posts.

What’s particularly astonishing to fans is how she managed to keep her pregnancy hidden despite her public appearances. The singer even embarked on a tour towards the end of last year, strategically choosing oversized outfits to disguise her growing bump.

Anne-Marie in The Voice
Anne-Marie in The Voice

During her appearances on The Voice UK in late 2023, she skillfully concealed her pregnancy by wearing oversized clothing that diverted attention away from her midsection. Whether it was an oversized knitted jumper resembling the Union Jack or a strategically tailored suit jacket, the singer managed to keep her secret well-guarded.

In one memorable moment on The Voice UK, she performed her hit song “PSYCHO” without giving away any hints of her pregnancy. Her clever outfit choices and strategic movements ensured that her condition remained undetected.


Even in candid snapshots shared on social media, Anne-Marie kept her pregnancy concealed, leaving fans unaware until the official announcement of Seven’s birth. Despite her efforts to keep the news under wraps, some eagle-eyed fans speculate that subtle gestures, like placing a hand on her stomach in a photo, might have hinted at her impending motherhood.

Anne-Marie’s ability to conceal her pregnancy while maintaining her public appearance highlights her determination to keep her personal life private. With the arrival of baby Seven, the singer enters a new chapter filled with joy and excitement, proving that some surprises are worth the wait.

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