Adin Ross Faces Backlash For Controversial Remarks On Ryan Garcia's Mental Health
Adin Ross Faces Backlash For Controversial Remarks On Ryan Garcia's Mental Health

Adin Ross hailed as the world’s highest-earning live streamer, has stirred controversy by commenting on the mental state of boxing sensation Ryan Garcia during a recent live stream. Ross expressed his concern for Garcia’s well-being, noting, “I could sense a hint of distress in his voice.”

Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia

This incident comes amid a flurry of attention surrounding Ryan Garcia, who has been making headlines due to his sudden disappearance and sensational statements, including claims of witnessing sexual misconduct at Bohemian Grove. While the boxing community rallies behind Garcia, Adin Ross found himself facing backlash from fans who questioned the sincerity of his concern.

While many sympathized with Garcia’s struggles, focus shifted towards Ross’s potential ties to the “elites” mentioned in Garcia’s controversial Twitter Spaces discussion with Andrew Tate. Speculation spread, particularly on TikTok, suggesting Ross might possess insider knowledge related to Garcia’s allegations.


As the top comments on TikTok scrutinized Ross’s motives and hinted at his involvement with the alleged “elites,” the streaming star faced accusations of being manipulated by hidden agendas. Observers analyzed Ross’s demeanor and speech for signs of ulterior motives.

Adin Ross, renowned for his lucrative streaming deal with Kick estimated at $15 million to $40 million, has recently encountered setbacks, including being trolled by rappers 21 Savage and Playboi Carti during prominent stream appearances.

Amidst the controversy, Ryan Garcia appears to be stepping back from his erratic social media behavior, focusing on his upcoming fight against Devin Haney scheduled for April 20th. In a video statement prioritizing his health, Garcia announced a temporary hiatus from non-boxing related discussions on social media.

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