Actor Charlie Sheen To Get Sole Custody Of Twin Sons, If Brooke Mueller Fails Or Misses Drug Test.
Actor Charlie Sheen To Get Sole Custody Of Twin Sons, If Brooke Mueller Fails Or Misses Drug Test.

In a recent legal development, 58-year-old actor Charlie Sheen has taken decisive measures to prioritize the safety and well-being of his 14-year-old twin sons, Max and Bob, born during his marriage to ex-wife Brooke Mueller. The actor has filed court documents as part of an ex parte motion to address and reinforce certain aspects of their existing child custody arrangement. The focus of these modifications revolves around concerns related to Mueller’s sobriety.

Obtained by PEOPLE, the filed documents shed light on Charlie Sheen’s plea to the court to officially endorse two previously agreed-upon documents without necessitating a legal response from Mueller, who is 46 years old. The initial agreement, initially signed in November 2022 and later reinforced in August 2023, delineates specific conditions governing child custody in the unfortunate event of Mueller experiencing a relapse.

As per the outlined terms, in the event of Mueller’s relapse, an “immediate reversion of sole custody and sole physical custody to [Charlie Sheen]” is mandated. The agreement also stipulates that joint legal custody would be maintained unless Mueller tests positive for drugs and alcohol or experiences a relapse. If such an occurrence takes place, Sheen would assume sole custody “until further court order or written agreement of the Parties,” and this transition could happen with as little as 48 hours’ notice.

Furthermore, the documents detail the terms for physical custody, ensuring that Mueller is entitled to “reasonable and flexible periods of custody and visitation,” thereby promoting frequent contact between the minors and both parents.

To actively monitor Mueller’s sobriety, the agreement imposes a weekly regimen of drug and alcohol testing, along with additional testing as deemed necessary by her probation officer or upon Sheen’s request. Immediate termination of custody rights for Mueller is specified in the event of a positive test result, and a missed test is equated to a positive outcome.

Despite Charlie Sheen currently providing financial support to Mueller, including covering her rent, the documents explicitly outline the termination of such financial assistance in the event of a relapse. This condition would leave Mueller accountable for securing alternative housing arrangements. It is worth noting that Sheen, who recently celebrated six years of sobriety after facing his challenges, appears committed to ensuring the well-being and stability of his sons in this legal maneuver.

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