Hollywood News, Snoop Dogg and his Daughter
Hollywood News, Snoop Dogg and his Daughter

In the early hours of Thursday, Snoop Dogg’s 24-year-old daughter encountered a profound stroke.

“This morning, I experienced a profound stroke. Tears overwhelmed me when I received the news,” shared Cori Broadus on her Instagram narrative.

“At 24, I find myself pondering what transgressions from my past led to this avalanche of challenges,” she expressed in a distinct post, communicated to her 655,000 social media adherents.

Snoop Dogg and Shante Broadus are the parents of Cori, having tied the knot in 1997. The rapper initiated divorce proceedings in 2004, only to rescind it and reconcile three years later.

Navigating Lupus: Snoop Dogg’s Daughter’s Health Journey Unveiled

A spokesperson for Snoop Dogg and Shante has not promptly addressed Fox News Digital’s entreaty for commentary.

Physicians diagnosed Cori with Lupus at the tender age of six. Lupus, an enduring autoimmune ailment, induces inflammation and anguish in diverse body regions, as explicated by the Lupus Foundation of America.

In September, Cori disclosed her adoption of an “all-natural” holistic strategy for her Lupus management. In an interview with People magazine, the rapper’s progeny asserted that she is “thriving like never before.”

“I ceased all medication approximately five months ago,” Cori disclosed. “Embracing a regimen encompassing various herbs, sea moss, and teas.

“Initiating a workout routine, augmenting water intake,” she appended. “It appears my physique has adapted to this new regimen, acknowledging it as the prevailing paradigm.”

The holistic trajectory became Cori’s preference when her medicinal routine induced sensations of “impending insanity.”

“I’ve been reliant on pharmaceuticals since the age of six, tethered to these substances throughout my existence. I aspired to a superior existence,” she conveyed to the outlet. “A yearning for change, prompted by the toll of ingesting 10 to 12 pills daily at only 24 years old. Thus, I elected to embrace an abrupt departure from this pharmaceutical reliance.”

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