Super Junior-L.S.S. (Siwon) Drops Funky Pop Dance Single 'Suit Up' MV
Super Junior-L.S.S. (Siwon) Drops Funky Pop Dance Single 'Suit Up' MV

Super Junior LSS’s latest sub-unit, SUPER JUNIOR LSS, is making waves with the release of their newest song, ‘Suit Up,’ along with a visually captivating music video directed by none other than the unit’s own Shindong. The trio’s distinct personality and style take center stage in this latest artistic endeavor.

Commenting on the formation of SUPER JUNIOR LSS, the members expressed, “The biggest charm is that we are a trio, and our passion is the highlight. We didn’t anticipate the project growing this big, but we want to do well since we’ve started.” This statement has only heightened expectations for the exciting and unique energy that the new unit promises to bring to the K-pop scene.

‘Suit Up’ is a funky pop dance anthem that boasts a standout synth bass and layered guitars, setting the stage for an infectious and upbeat experience. The song’s lyrics cleverly infuse SUPER JUNIOR LSS’s wit into the coolness of Super Junior, expressing an ambitious desire to exude confidence no matter the time or place.

Fans of SUPER JUNIOR LSS can anticipate an immersive experience with the upcoming concert titled ‘SUPER JUNIOR LSS The Show: Three Guys,’ scheduled to take place on February 3rd and 4th at the Donghae Culture and Arts Center Grand Theater of Kwangwoon University in Seoul. This concert promises to be a grand showcase of the trio’s musical prowess and entertaining stage presence, providing fans with an opportunity to witness their favorite sub-unit in action.

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