Exploring The Meteoric Rise In Preity Zinta's Wealth: From Bollywood Stardom To IPL Success
Exploring The Meteoric Rise In Preity Zinta's Wealth: From Bollywood Stardom To IPL Success

Preity Zinta, the luminous Bollywood star, has gracefully ventured into the realm of sports entrepreneurship as a co-owner of the Punjab Kings in the Indian Premier League (IPL). While the PBKS team has yet to clinch the IPL trophy, Zinta’s financial trajectory has soared, fueled by astute investments in the high-stakes world of cricket alongside her enduring earnings from the silver screen and endorsements.

Amidst the fervent buzz of the 17th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), cricket aficionados worldwide are captivated as teams battle for supremacy. With its inception featuring eight teams, the league has expanded to include ten franchises boasting players from a diverse array of nations.

Preity Zinta - The Co-owner of Punjab Kings
Preity Zinta – The Co-owner of Punjab Kings

Among the league’s original stalwarts, Punjab Kings, though not yet crowned champions, boast a steadfast legion of fans. Under the stewardship of Shikhar Dhawan, the team commenced the 2024 season with a resounding victory over the Delhi Capitals, signaling their intent.

Preity Zinta’s Evolution

Preity Zinta, an iconic presence in Bollywood since her debut in 1998 with ‘Dil Se,’ has donned the hat of a team owner for Punjab Kings since 2008. Despite her gradual withdrawal from the silver screen, her association with the IPL ensures her continued prominence, significantly bolstering her financial standing.

Zinta shares ownership of the team with Ness Wadia, Karan Paul, and Mohit Burman, with stakes distributed in a 2:1:1 ratio, respectively. Additionally, Saptarishi Dey from Dey & Dey Group holds a minor stake. Zinta’s investment in the franchise amounts to a substantial Rs 35 crore.

Preity Zinta with her Husband
Preity Zinta with her Husband

Originally procured for $76 million in 2008, Punjab Kings’ valuation surged to a staggering $925 million by 2022, positioning it as the ninth most valuable IPL franchise. Zinta’s personal stake in the team translates to approximately $4.27 million (Rs 350 crore).

Preity Zinta’s Influence

Renowned for her memorable portrayals in films such as ‘Lakshya’ and ‘Veer Zaara,’ Zinta has transcended cinema to become a fashion icon, shaping trends and inspiring women globally. Her estimated net worth in 2023 stood at a commendable $30 million (Rs 183 crore).

Beyond her cinematic pursuits, Zinta wears the hats of a producer and a brand ambassador, commanding a social media following of 11 million. Her endorsement fee hovers around 1.5 crore per deal, and she holds the distinction of being the IPL’s youngest co-owner.

Preity Zinta’s property portfolio includes several assets in Mumbai and a residence in Shimla. Notably, she acquired a new property in Mumbai’s Pali Hill neighborhood in 2023 for approximately Rs 17 crore.

Following her nuptials, Zinta and her husband, Gene Goodenough, reside in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, where they enjoy a lavish lifestyle complemented by a collection of luxury automobiles, including a Lexus LX 470, a Porsche, a Mercedes Benz E Class, and a BMW.

Zinta’s philanthropic endeavors are commendable, as evidenced by her adoption of 34 girls from a Rishikesh orphanage in 2009, with a pledge to provide them with unwavering support.

Zinta tied the knot with Gene Goodenough in 2016, culminating a five-year courtship in an intimate Hindu ceremony in Los Angeles. Notably, the couple auctioned their wedding photographs, with proceeds dedicated to charitable causes.

With her effervescent persona and altruistic spirit, Zinta remains an enduring source of inspiration and benevolence, leaving an indelible mark on both the entertainment and sports management spheres.

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