HanuMan Box Office Collection: Weekend Movie Report.
HanuMan Box Office Collection: Weekend Movie Report.

HanuMan Box Office Collection Day 3: The movie HanuMan, directed by Prasanth Varma, is doing well in Hindi and might become a big hit. The first weekend, it started with Rs 2.00 crore on Friday and jumped to Rs 3.80 crore on Saturday. On Sunday, it did even better, with an estimated collection between Rs 5.80 and 6.10 crore.

HanuMan Box Office Collection Day 3: In total, HanuMan made Rs 11.75 crore in its first weekend. This is fantastic, especially because the movie doesn’t have a big director, superstar, promotions, or special holidays. The film’s ticket prices were also kept reasonable, thanks to the distributor Anil Thadani’s strategy for South Films in Hindi.

The movie’s growth from Friday to Sunday was around 300 per cent, showing that people really liked it. Despite being a film for a wide audience, it did well and proved that good content is crucial.

The film’s success might continue, especially with the controlled pricing making it accessible to more people. The positive word of mouth is spreading fast. Monday’s collections will give a better idea of how well the film will do on the weekdays, but the HanuMan Box Office Collection on the weekend has already ensured that it will reach a good number in the long run. 

About The Movie HanuMan

Set in the fictional village of Anjanadri, this tale follows Hanumanta (Teja Sajja), a regular pickpocket, who gains Lord Hanuman’s superpowers. He uses these powers to confront the injustice imposed by classist rulers. The story unfolds with the backstory of the villain, Michael, who, as a child, fantasises about being a superhero but takes a dark turn by becoming a supervillain. The narrative explores the clash between Hanumanta and Michael as they cross paths in a gripping storyline. 

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