WATCH: ‘National Jiju’ Nick Jonas Gets 'Jiju Jiju' Cheer From Indian Fans During Concert. Priyanka Chopra Reacts.
WATCH: ‘National Jiju’ Nick Jonas Gets 'Jiju Jiju' Cheer From Indian Fans During Concert. Priyanka Chopra Reacts.

American singer-songwriter and actor Nick Jonas has carved a niche for himself not only in Hollywood but also in India, thanks to his marriage to Indian actress Priyanka Chopra in 2018. Embracing his new role as ‘National Jiju,’ Nick Jonas has become a beloved figure in Bollywood, endearing himself to fans on both sides of the globe.

Renowned for his musical prowess, Nick Jonas, along with his brothers, frequently conducts concerts worldwide. However, his recent tour to India for the first-ever Lollapalooza concert turned into a memorable moment, not just for the artist but for the enthusiastic audience as well.

During the Lollapalooza concert in Mumbai on Saturday, the Jonas Brothers were met with a delightful surprise from their Indian fans. As the trio entertained the crowd, chants of ‘Jiju Jiju’ erupted, creating an electric atmosphere. In a video capturing the heartwarming incident, Nick’s elder brother, Kevin, playfully introduced him as ‘Jiju,’ setting off a cascade of joyful cheers from the audience.

The video, shared on Instagram quickly circulated on the internet, garnering attention from fans worldwide. The caption, “So much love,” encapsulated the fervour of the Indian audience for their newly christened ‘National Jiju.’

Emotional Priyanka Chopra Reacts To Nick Jonas Being Cheered ‘JIJU’

The viral video also caught the attention of Priyanka Chopra, global star and Nick Jonas’s wife. In response to the heartfelt crowd chants, Priyanka took to social media to express her gratitude. Sharing the video, she wrote, “My heart. Thank You, Mumbai,” accompanied by a heart and teary-eyed emoji. The emotional post reflects the deep connection the couple has with the Indian audience and the warmth they have received since their union.


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