Tripti Dimri, The new national crush, recalls the atmosphere on Animal set during the intimate scenes.
Tripti Dimri, The new national crush, recalls the atmosphere on Animal set during the intimate scenes.

Triptii Dimri spills the tea on the controversial hit “Animal”!  In a chit-chat, she dishes on the film’s juicy scenes, spills the tea on Ranbir Kapoor’s on-set charm, and gives the inside scoop on the sizzling controversies.

After the release of “Animal,” Tripti Dimri’s Instagram followers have soared from 664k to 2.3 million in just six days. The ‘Animal’ craze continues to escalate, both on the actor’s Instagram and at the box office.

Triptii Dimri, the actor known for her brief but impactful role in the recent blockbuster “Animal,” opened up about the film’s controversy. Despite its success, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, “Animal” has faced criticism for its portrayal of misogyny.

In an interview, Triptii, who previously starred in Netflix films like “Qala” and “Bulbbul,” expressed her discomfort with some of the reactions the film received. She also addressed the ‘leak’ of an intimate scene, stating that the scene was comparatively less challenging than a similar one she filmed for “Bulbbul.”

Triptii praised Ranbir Kapoor for his sensitivity on set, particularly during the intimate scene. She revealed that the set was closed off during the shoot, and both Vanga and the cinematographer ensured her well-being. Triptii shared her nervousness while acting opposite Ranbir.

Triptii said that she is normally very prepared on set, but for some reason, she became very nervous while acting opposite Ranbir. Looking back at the ‘confession scene,’ she said she just couldn’t get her lines right, but nobody made her feel awkward about it. Ranbir kept checking in on her. “Even in my takes, he was giving it his all, doing everything he was supposed to in (his close-ups).”

Addressing criticism around a scene where her character licks Ranbir’s shoes, Triptii referenced her acting coach’s advice on not judging characters. She emphasized the need for actors to portray characters honestly, even if they have negative aspects.

“Animal” has achieved significant success, surpassing Rs 300 crore in India and Rs 520 crore worldwide. It is on track to become Ranbir Kapoor’s biggest career hit, surpassing the record set by “Sanju.”


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