This Bollywood Actor Becomes First And Only To Be Followed By Instagram: Vicky Kaushal.
This Bollywood Actor Becomes First And Only To Be Followed By Instagram: Vicky Kaushal.

Vicky Kaushal has reached a significant milestone following his outstanding performances in ‘Sam Bahadur’ as Sam Manekshaw and the recent Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Dunki.’ His role as Sukhi in ‘Dunki’ earned him widespread praise from both critics and audiences for his substantial contribution to the film’s storyline. Shah Rukh Khan, Vicky’s co-star in ‘Dunki,’ added his voice to the chorus of admiration, applauding Vicky’s talent and considering him one of the finest collaborators he has worked with. This sentiment resonated widely among many others, solidifying Vicky’s standing in the film industry.

Exciting news hit the internet on Sunday, declaring Vicky Kaushal as the first and only Bollywood actor to be followed by the social media giant Instagram. Paparazzo Viral Bhayani shared this noteworthy update on Instagram, accompanied by a picture of the talented actor.

While Instagram itself holds the title of the most followed account on the platform with over 665 million followers, it only follows 81 accounts in return, and one of them now happens to be Vicky Kaushal’s. This achievement is a significant feat, placing Vicky in an exclusive club. Undoubtedly, this recognition must make him feel on top of the world. Alongside him, Vishal Shah, the Vice President of Meta and a notable Indian figure, also shares this distinction.

Netizens Reaction To Vicky Kaushal Success

Following Viral Bhayani’s Instagram post sharing the news, netizens swiftly expressed their thoughts on the matter. One user praised Vicky Kaushal, saying, “Actors nowadays. No bad or average performance from him in any movie thus far. The movie could be so-so, but his acting is bang on all the time.” Another person shared their perspective, stating, “Huge indeed! I fail to understand the craze and relation behind the number of followers and success, but I am happy for Vicky nevertheless.”

A third user emphasised Vicky’s deserving stature, commenting, “He deserves more than this; his script choice selection is excellent. In 2023, he is a content-oriented star and one more point: he also has Katrina.” The comments reflect a mix of admiration for Vicky’s consistent acting prowess and a discussion about the significance of social media followers in determining success.

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