Shah Rukh Khan 'Begs' Mani Ratnam For Film Reunion; Says Will Dance 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' On Top Of Plane If Filmmaker Agreed.
Shah Rukh Khan 'Begs' Mani Ratnam For Film Reunion; Says Will Dance 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' On Top Of Plane If Filmmaker Agreed.

At the recent CNN-News18 Indian Of The Year 2023 event, Shah Rukh Khan and Mani Ratnam sparked excitement among fans as they hinted at a potential collaboration. The duo, who previously joined forces for the 1998 film Dil Se, engaged in a light-hearted exchange that left the audience in splits.

Shah Rukh Khan Begs Mani Ratnam For Reunion.

Shah Rukh, with his trademark charm, expressed his eagerness to work with Mani Ratnam once again. In a playful tone, he shared, “I’m requesting you, I’m begging you, and I’m telling you every time to do a film with me.” To sweeten the deal, he even offered to dance to the iconic ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ on top of a plane if the filmmaker agreed.

Amid laughter, Shah Rukh addressed Mani Ratnam’s wife, Suhasini, recalling a past encounter where he suggested she should wake him up with a chant of ‘Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh.’ The audience enjoyed this light-hearted banter between the two stars.


Mani Ratnam’s Cheeky Response To Shah Rukh Khan

Mani Ratnam, displaying his wit, responded to Shah Rukh’s plane offer with a cheeky comment, saying, “When he buys a plane… I’ll do it.” Shah Rukh, riding high on the success of his recent films, including ‘Pathaan,’ ‘Jawan,’ and ‘Dunki,’ playfully hinted that owning a plane might not be too far off for him.

As the banter continued, Khan serenaded the audience with a snippet from ‘Jiya Jale,’ another memorable track from Dil Se. In a final jest, he thanked Mani Ratnam for the upcoming film, jokingly scheduling his presence on set for March, early morning at 2 am.

The nostalgia surrounding Dil Se, directed by Mani Ratnam, added to the charm of the evening. The film, set against the backdrop of insurgency in the northeast, featured unforgettable songs like ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya,’ composed by AR Rahman and choreographed by Farah Khan.

With Shah Rukh Khan’s infectious energy and Mani Ratnam’s witty responses, the event concluded on a high note, leaving fans hopeful for another blockbuster collaboration between the two Bollywood stalwarts.

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