Priyanka Chopra's Mom Madhu Chopra In Candid Conversation. Reveals She Contributed 'So Little' In Raising The Actor, Her Family Did A Lot…
Priyanka Chopra's Mom Madhu Chopra In Candid Conversation. Reveals She Contributed 'So Little' In Raising The Actor, Her Family Did A Lot…

In the glittering world of Bollywood, where individual success often takes centre stage, Priyanka Chopra’s mother, Madhu Chopra, provides a refreshing perspective on family values, emphasizing the importance of the joint family system. In a candid excerpt from the book “Raising Stars” by Rashmi Uchil, Madhu shared her thoughts on the nuclear family set-up, expressing a firm belief that it should be discarded.

Madhu, a film producer and a medical professional, expressed immense pride in her daughter, saying, “I am the proudest mom, and Priyanka is my favourite topic of conversation. I gave so little. In return, Priyanka has blossomed so much.” Madhu’s pride in her children is evident, and she attributes part of Priyanka’s success to the nurturing environment provided by their joint family.

Rejecting the notion of the nuclear family, Madhu asserted, “In my opinion, the nuclear family set-up should be thrown out of the window.” She went on to highlight how Priyanka and her brother, Siddharth Chopra, grew up surrounded by their extended family, including maasi, mami, mama (aunts and uncles), and cousins. Madhu firmly believes that family is the cornerstone of their upbringing, and the strong bond formed during their childhood continues to thrive.

Madhu Chopra Regret Sending Priyanka To Boarding

In a reflective moment, Madhu Chopra admitted to a decision she would alter if given the chance the choice to send Priyanka to boarding school. Calling it “not the best decision of her life,” Madhu shared her regret and the lingering guilt associated with that choice. Despite this, Madhu’s commitment to family values remains unshaken, and she continues to champion the joint family system as the ideal environment for nurturing close-knit relationships.

Madhu Chopra On Son-In-Law Nick Jonas

Adding a heartwarming touch to the narrative, Madhu praised her son-in-law, Nick Jonas, in a recent interview with Free Press Journal. Commending Nick’s family-oriented nature and his commitment to fatherhood, Madhu expressed her respect for him as a loving and respectful son-in-law. She emphasized the shared ethical values between Priyanka and Nick and acknowledged their seamless partnership in both personal and professional realms.

“I feel so content now as Priyanka is shouldering her motherhood responsibilities better than me,” Madhu remarked, highlighting the strength of the bond within the Chopra-Jonas family. As we bid farewell to the past year and embrace the possibilities of 2024, Priyanka Chopra’s family-centric values, as championed by her mother, Madhu Chopra, serve as a heartwarming reminder that success, at its core, is rooted in the love and support of family.

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