Karnataka Halts Annu Kapoor's Film 'Hamaare Baarah'
Karnataka Halts Annu Kapoor's Film 'Hamaare Baarah'

Karnataka has banned the screening of the controversial Hindi film “Hamaare Baarah” a day before its scheduled release. The Home Department issued the order on Thursday following representations from various Muslim organizations. The film, starring veteran actor Annu Kapoor in the lead role, was set to release on Friday, June 7, 2024.

Muslim groups from different districts and taluks petitioned the state government, accusing the filmmakers of “defaming” the community and “misinterpreting” verses from the Qur’an’s Surah al-Baqarah. They expressed concerns that the film’s release could disturb law and order and create communal disharmony.

On Thursday, Home Department under-secretary B K Bhuvanendra Kumar issued an order banning the release of the film and its trailer in electronic media, social media, cinema theatres, private television channels, and other media for two weeks or until further notice.

Policy Implementation in Karnataka and Court Decision

The ban was imposed under sections 15(1) and 15(5) of the Karnataka Cinemas Regulation Act, 1964.

Although Section 15(2) of the Act requires the government to issue a notice to the filmmakers before imposing a ban, the order stated that there was not enough time to fulfill this requirement because the film’s director, Kamal Chandra, and producers Birendra Bhagat, Ravi S Gupta, Sheo Balak Singh, Sanjay Nagpal, and others reside outside Karnataka.In addition to the legal proceedings, veteran actor Annu Kapoor’s portrayal in the film adds to the complexity of the situation.

Additionally, the Bombay High Court has withheld the film’s release until June 14.

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