Kangana Ranaut's Video: "Ram Aa Gaye..." Echoes Joy In Ayodhya
Kangana Ranaut's Video: "Ram Aa Gaye..." Echoes Joy In Ayodhya

Amidst the auspicious Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha Ceremony in Ayodhya, Bollywood icon Kangana Ranaut graced the occasion with her presence. Following the inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kangana, adorned in an exquisite off-white saree with a red-orange border, gave a standing ovation and fervently chanted “Jai Shri Ram” in the sacred temple premises. A video capturing this heartfelt moment has swiftly become viral on social media.

Radiant in her attire, Kangana Ranaut showcased an elegant look, complemented by heavy embroidery on her saree, a matching blouse, and stunning red accessories. Her flawless makeup, coordinating bangles, and intricate hairdos added to her enchanting appearance.

The tranquil atmosphere in Ayodhya resonates with the spirit of devotion, where Kangana Ranaut has immersed herself in Rambhakti. The Bollywood diva shared glimpses of her experience on her official Instagram account, including a noteworthy video. During the temple inauguration, a shower of flowers from a helicopter marked the occasion, and in the midst of this joyous spectacle, Kangana jubilantly cheered “Jai Shri Ram,” capturing the hearts of onlookers. The genuine happiness radiating from Kangana’s face at that moment has become a symbol of the collective joy felt during this historic event.

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