Janhvi Kapoor's Love Shines: Flaunting Affection For Shikhar Pahariya In Style!
Janhvi Kapoor's Love Shines: Flaunting Affection For Shikhar Pahariya In Style!

Janhvi Kapoor proudly displays her affection for her boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya, sporting a necklace adorned with his nickname at a recent event in Mumbai.

The actress, known for her roles in Bollywood, stepped out in style, donning a chic checkered dress paired with high heels and elegant pearl earrings. However, all eyes were drawn to the diamond-studded necklace around her neck, proudly showcasing Shikhar’s moniker. Caught in the lens of paparazzi cameras, Janhvi Kapoor couldn’t hide her blush, revealing the depth of her feelings for her beau.

Love in the Limelight: Janhvi Kapoor’s Romantic Revelations

This public display of affection comes after her father, renowned producer Boney Kapoor, confirmed their relationship in an interview last month. Speaking fondly of Shikhar, Boney Kapoor expressed his admiration for his daughter’s choice, highlighting Shikhar’s enduring presence in their lives.

Amidst the buzz of her personal life, Janhvi Kapoor also made headlines for a different reason. She announced that her childhood home in Chennai, once owned by her late mother Sridevi, will be available for rent on Airbnb. Guests will have the unique opportunity to stay in the iconic mansion and engage with Janhvi herself, learning about her beauty secrets and indulging in authentic South Indian cuisine.

In the midst of her flourishing career and budding romance, Janhvi Kapoor continues to captivate audiences with her charm both on and off-screen.

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