Exclusive | Zomato's CEO Goyal Marries Hot Mexican Model Grecia Munoz
Exclusive | Zomato's CEO Goyal Marries Hot Mexican Model Grecia Munoz

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal has made waves yet again, but this time it’s not about a new service launch. Reports confirm that Goyal, the man behind the recent introduction of Zomato’s ‘Veg Only’ feature, has entered into his second marriage. The lucky lady is Grecia Munoz, a Mexican model-turned-entrepreneur.

Sources reveal that Goyal, aged 41, previously married Kanchan Joshi, with whom he reportedly shared his academic journey at IIT Delhi. Munoz, on the other hand, has been carving her niche in India’s luxury consumer products sector while also making waves in the modeling world. The couple exchanged vows a few months back in what seems to be a private affair.

Munoz’s Instagram profile proudly states her transition from being “Born in Mexico” to “Now at home in India.” Her accomplishments include winning the Metropolitan Fashion Week in 2022, showcasing her versatility beyond just business.

Grecia Munoz - Mexican Model turned Entrepreneur
Grecia Munoz – Mexican Model turned Entrepreneur

Goyal’s New Chapter: Entrepreneurship, Love, and Grecia Munoz

However, Goyal’s recent endeavors haven’t been all about love and marriage. The announcement of a separate green uniform for Zomato’s vegetarian-only delivery service faced severe criticism. Responding swiftly to the backlash, Goyal decided to scrap the idea within 24 hours. Instead, all delivery personnel will continue donning their trademark red shirts/t-shirts.

Grecia Munoz
Grecia Munoz

Furthermore, Goyal took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share another update. He disclosed the company’s decision to rebrand the consumer feature as “veg-only mode” rather than “pure veg mode,” considering the feedback received.

While Goyal continues to innovate in the food delivery space, his personal life also garners attention, marking yet another chapter in the journey of one of India’s most prominent entrepreneurs.

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