Did "Salaar" Makers Wipe Out Box Office Posts On Twitter? Prabhas Fans Uncover The Real Story!
Did "Salaar" Makers Wipe Out Box Office Posts On Twitter? Prabhas Fans Uncover The Real Story!

There’s a big fight happening among fans over two new Bollywood movies – Shah Rukh Khan’s “Dunki” and Prabhas’s “Salaar.” It all started with arguments about where the movies are being shown, and now it’s turned into a big deal with accusations that the people behind “Salaar” deleted all their box office posts from Twitter. This has only made the fans fight even more.

The problem began when people on social media started talking about how the box office numbers for “Salaar” weren’t clear. People were wondering why the official numbers from the people who made the movie, Hombale Films, didn’t match up with what others were saying. This led to a big fight between Shah Rukh Khan and Prabhas fans. People on social media started saying bad things about both movies, hoping to make them less successful.

Some folks on Twitter claimed that Hombale Films took down all their box office posts because they wanted to hide the fact that the numbers didn’t add up. They thought it was a move to deal with the controversy about the box office numbers. On the other hand, Prabhas fans said this was not true. They argued that Hombale Films never posted box office numbers on their Twitter account in the first place. They said that the reports about deleted posts were just made up and not true.

The fight between fans of “Dunki” and “Salaar” is still going on strong on social media. Both movies are doing well at the box office and the people who made them hope that this success will continue, especially during the festive season.

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