Akshay Kumar's Hilarious Birthday Tribute To Twinkle Khanna Leaves Fans ROFL-ing!
Akshay Kumar's Hilarious Birthday Tribute To Twinkle Khanna Leaves Fans ROFL-ing!

To mark Twinkle’s special day, Akshay Kumar shared a video on Instagram. The action star shared a side-splitting video that had fans rolling on the floor laughing. In the video, Twinkle poses amidst a green landscape, looking radiant. The caption on the top of the frame reads, “Who I thought I married.” As the screen transitions to the next caption, “Who I actually married,” we see Twinkle standing proudly next to a colossal Hulk statue. With a mischievous grin, she declares, “Ye hega putla, ye hega asli hulk (This is just a statue; I am the real Hulk).” Classic Twinkle Khanna humour at its best!

In response to this hilarious birthday wish, Twinkle Khanna couldn’t. Twinkle replied to Akshay’s message, saying, “You got Hulk and Bruce Banner”, a mix of Hulk and his smart alter ego.

Akshay wrote, “Long live my Hulk! Thank you for making our life happy with your jokes. May God give you many more years. Happy Birthday, Tina.”

This isn’t the first time Akshay has showcased his comedic prowess on Twinkle’s birthday. Last year, he shared another laugh-out-loud video, joking about her singing skills. In his caption, he humorously remarked, “While you may be glad to have missed my live performance the other day, I’m glad I get to witness you and all your madness every single day! But as much as I love you, I really think you should stop singing. And Happy birthday, Tina.”

On her milestone 50th birthday, Twinkle Khanna also shared a heartfelt video expressing her gratitude for the wonders in her life. Quoting Dory from Finding Nemo, she said, “Just keep swimming,” emphasising resilience and adventure in the face of life’s challenges.

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna’s love story began in 2001, and since then, they have become one of Bollywood’s most cherished couples. And as the laughter echoed on social media, one thing was for sure: Akshay Kumar knew how to keep the flames of love burning bright with humour and wit. 

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