Farah Khan and Anil Kapoor recently featured in The Great Indian Kapil Show.
Farah Khan and Anil Kapoor recently featured in The Great Indian Kapil Show.

The ninth episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show, which aired on Saturday, May 25, was a laugh riot filled with candid revelations and hilarious anecdotes. This comedy talk show, hosted by the ever-charming Kapil Sharma, featured Bollywood veterans Anil Kapoor and Farah Khan as guests, who brought their unique flair and wit to the stage. Here are five standout moments from the episode that had everyone in splits.

Farah Khan’s Hilarious Ed Sheeran Story

One of the funniest moments came when Kapil Sharma asked Farah Khan about a well-known incident involving British singer Ed Sheeran. Farah recounted how she got so drunk at a party that she failed to recognize Ed Sheeran, despite having invited him. She humorously described confronting the DJ, asking, “Kya maiyyat ke gaane baja raha hai?” (Why are you playing these funeral songs?). When the DJ informed her that he was playing Ed Sheeran’s songs, she calmly replied, “Ok then, carry on.” This anecdote left the audience and Kapil Sharma in stitches.

Anil Kapoor on Personality Rights

Kapil Sharma touched on a more serious topic by asking Anil Kapoor about his recent petition regarding personality rights. This petition suggests that no one can mimic him without his consent. Anil clarified the intent behind this move, stating, “No, in fact, I want more people to do my mimicry.” His light-hearted take on a serious issue showed his trademark humility and good humor.

Anil Kapoor’s Refusal to Play Sonam Kapoor’s Father

Farah Khan shared an amusing behind-the-scenes story about Anil Kapoor. She revealed that filmmaker Abbas-Mustan approached Anil with a script where he was supposed to play his daughter Sonam Kapoor’s father. Anil’s reaction was priceless as he exclaimed, “Are you mad? How can I be Sonam’s father?” This candid moment highlighted the quirky and affectionate father-daughter relationship Anil shares with Sonam.

Farah Khan’s ‘Cursing’ Habit

Kapil Sharma’s knack for bringing out the quirkiest traits of his guests was evident when he asked Farah Khan if she ever thinks of taking revenge on people who are mean to her. Farah confessed, “I curse those who are mean towards me. And whosoever I curse, something bad happens to them.” This revelation had the audience roaring with laughter, especially when Anil Kapoor chimed in, jokingly pointing out, “My all films are hit,” implying he had nothing to fear from Farah’s curses.

Anil Kapoor on Linkups with Co-Stars

The topic of linkups was another highlight, as Kapil Sharma asked Anil Kapoor which Hollywood actor he wouldn’t mind being linked with. Anil’s cheeky response, “Anyone,” followed by Farah’s prompt question, “And Bollywood?” made Anil blush and refuse to answer. This playful exchange showcased Anil’s charm and Farah’s knack for stirring the pot most entertainingly.

The ninth episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show was a delightful blend of humor, candidness, and star power, making it a must-watch for fans of the show and the guests. Anil Kapoor and Farah Khan’s lively interactions with Kapil Sharma not only provided laughter but also a peek into the less-known, humorous side of Bollywood.

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