Top Ullu Web Series  Must Watch List Pic Credit: Ullu Official

Palang Tod The story follows a young man torn between two women. His love for one alters the dynamic, leaving him unsure of whom to choose. Can they all find the love they desire? 

Kavita Bhabhi Kavita is a young er*tic woman who consults the men on phone calls and cures them s*xually by telling them her bed stories. 

Shahad Raghu marries Roopa while his mother is sick. Sharad, his voyeuristic brother, spies on them. Roopa seduces Sharad when she notices. Disappointed by Raghu, she satisfies Sharad's desires. 

Riti Riwaj Unusual tradition in rural India allows men to marry multiple times to access more water, raising questions of true motives. 

Andar Ki Baat In a neighborhood, 2 women dry their und*rgarments differently: one openly, the other discreetly. Boys misjudge the situation and face consequences, while the discreet woman unexpectedly engages in affair. 

Cheese Cake Two best friends, Prakash and Nishant, face a friendship crisis when an attractive woman moves into their neighborhood. Competing for her affection, they end up losing everything they own.