Tom Hanks'  10 Best Performances 

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CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR Mike Nichols' lively farewell features Hanks and Julia Roberts as unexpected champions of covert U.S. missions in Afghanistan against communist forces. Philip Seymour Hoffman steals scenes, but the film is brimming with enjoyment.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS Hanks matches his British counterpart in gritty, desperate action, offering a compelling perspective while Paul Greengrass humanizes his adversaries too well to vilify them.

SAVING PRIVATE RYAN Spielberg's celebrated war epic leverages Hanks' iconic status in American culture, though some may question its glorification of the "greatest generation" narrative it popularized.

APOLLO 13 Ron Howard's masterpiece binds Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Bill Paxton in a gripping tale of survival aboard a crippled spacecraft en route to the moon, contrasting the tension with the exhilaration of The Right Stuff.

BIG Hanks shines in this heartwarming tale of a boy who wakes up in an adult body, marking a standout role amidst his early career.

SULLY Described as a tribute to professionalism, Todd McCarthy praises the film's portrayal of the miraculous landing of a US Airways jet on the Hudson River.

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN Hanks captivates as he pursues Leonardo DiCaprio's charismatic con man, deftly maintaining audience engagement amid the protagonist's audacious exploits.

ROAD TO PERDITION Sam Mendes follows up his debut hit with this stylish gangster film, where Hanks advises Paul Newman's mob boss in a polished yet alluring narrative.

BRIDGE OF SPIES Spielberg's meticulous procedural drama pairs Hanks with the captivating Mark Rylance, creating a compelling on-screen dynamic amid the intricate Cold War intrigue.

CAST AWAY Tom Hanks carries the bulk of the film solo, showcasing his acting prowess in portraying isolation and survival on a deserted island.