BOSS 17 Winner:  10 Facts About  Munawar Faruqui

Image Credits: Google, IG, Munawar's 'X'.

Childhood Struggles   Despite initial financial stability, his family faced challenges due to his father's business losses, leading to difficulties in paying school fees.

Tragic Past According to reports, Munawar's home was destroyed in the Gujarat riots of 2022.

Munawar's Career It Soared When Munawar's YouTube channel was launched in 2020.

Behind The Bars For Comedy In 2021, the comedian spent over a month in jail for allegedly offending religious sentiments with remarks about Hindu deities during a stand-up show.

End Of Prison Term Munawar was subsequently granted bail by the Supreme Court of India, after spending 37 days in jail.

Munawar has a son who is five years with his ex-wife whom he divorced in 2022.

Munawar's Love Life Munawar, previously dating influencer Nazila Sitaishi, faced scrutiny on Bigg Boss 17 for alleged cheating. Sitaishi broke up with him on Instagram Live while he was in the Bigg Boss house.

Munawar had also won the Kangana Ranaut hosted show Lock Upp Season 1