Ambani's Star-Studded Pre-Wedding Bash: From Rihanna To King Of Bhutan. 

Bill Gates The visionary Microsoft  co-founder is set to grace the pre-wedding celebration, bringing his technological acumen to the star-studded event.

Mark Zuckerberg Meta CEO and architect of the social media giant, will add a touch of Silicon Valley sophistication to the festivities.

Rihanna The Barbadian singing sensation is all set to mesmerize the audience with her chart-topping hits and captivating stage presence.

Sundar Pichai The CEO of Google and Alphabet will contribute his tech expertise to the gathering of global elites.

King and Queen of Bhutan The royal elegance of the king and queen of Bhutan will lend a regal touch to the event, showcasing their esteemed presence.

Ivanka Trump The businesswoman and first daughter of former US President Trump will bring a touch of international diplomacy to the pre-wedding celebration.

Yasir Al Rumayyan The chairman of Saudi Aramco will represent the world of global business and energy at this prestigious gathering.