7 of the best Shadow Pokemon to catch in Pokemon GO's Taken Treasures event

Shadow Kyogre New addition to Team GO Rocket lineup. Best Water-type attacker with a 20% damage boost.

Shadow Ho-Oh Available in 5-star Shadow Raids. Powerful Fire/Flying raid attacker for PvE and PvP.

Shadow Piplup Evolves into Shadow Empoleon. Great PvE raid attacker with 11 elemental resistances.

Shadow Chimchar Evolves into Shadow Infernape. Effective Fire/Fighting-type attacker for PvE.

Shadow Skarmory Durable PvP meta pick with base Defense stat of 226. Effective in Great and Ultra Leagues.

Shadow Murkrow Evolves into Shadow Honchkrow. Capable Dark/Flying-type fighter for PvE with quality moves.

Shadow Croagunk New arrival in Taken Treasures event. Evolves into Shadow Toxicroak, a well-respected Poison/Fighting-type pick in Great League PvP.