Netflix Killer Soup Review: A Dark Comedy Feast!
Netflix Killer Soup Review: A Dark Comedy Feast!

Netflix Killer Soup Review Rating: 4/5

Genre: Black comedy, Crime, Thriller

Directed By: Abhishek Chaubey

Starring: Konkona Sen Sharma, Manoj Bajpayee, Nassar

Original Languages: Hindi, Tamil

No. Of Seasons: 1

No. Of Episodes: 8

Watch Or Not? A Perfect Binge-Watch, Those Seeking A Unique And Fresh Experience!

Netflix Killer Soup Review


‘Killer Soup’ unfolds a unique story around a regular dish that becomes the star of the show. Swathi Shetty, played by Konkona Sen Sharma, dreams of opening up a restaurant centred around ‘Paya soup’, making it a constant presence in unexpected moments. The series, set in South India, follows the wealthy Shetty couple (Manoj Bajpayee and Konkona Sen Sharma) and explores an unexpected murder and the appearance of a look-alike.

What makes this series special is its charm, featuring odd characters, surprising twists and sterling performance. Unlike many shows that are easy to predict, ‘Killer Soup’ keeps viewers guessing with its storyline. Even though you might expect the next murder, the series introduces a quirkiness to every situation. Accidental killings add an interesting layer, blurring the lines between intention and chance.

‘Killer Soup’ is a uniquely crafted and suspenseful series that embraces the strange. It offers a captivating mix of eeriness and quirkiness that challenges audience expectations.

Plot Summary

‘Killer Soup’ unfolds in the fictional hill station of Mainjur, Tamil Nadu, setting the stage for a black comedy that hooks viewers from the very first scene. The series introduces Swathi (Konkona Sen Sharma), an aspiring yet talent-challenged nurse-turned-home chef with a passionate dream of opening her own restaurant. However, financial obstacles hinder her plans, leading to a bizarre turn of events.

The plot takes an unexpected twist with an unforeseen murder and the introduction of Swathi’s husband, Prabhakar Shetty (played by Manoj Bajpayee). Here’s the quirky part: Prabhakar has a look-alike with a squint in his eye named Umesh Pillai, also played by Manoj Bajpayee in a double role. After a strange accident, Swathi decides to switch her husband with Umesh, who is secretly her lover. The series follows the chaos that unfolds as Swathi tries to manage this tricky situation.

Against the backdrop of dark comedy, ‘Killer Soup’ crafts a tale that combines the absurdity of Swathi’s aspirations with the unpredictable consequences of her actions.

Netflix Killer Soup Review
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Netflix Killer Soup Review: Direction and Music

Abhishek Chaubey’s masterful touch grabs your attention within the first 20 minutes of ‘Killer Soup’ and keeps you glued throughout. Renowned for his taut screenplays and tight direction, Chaubey excels in making you chuckle at the absurd.

The series’s strength lies in the intricate writing by Abhishek Chaubey, Unaiza Merchant, Harshad Nalawade, and Anant Tripathi, offering a story filled with compelling twists. Anuj Rakesh Dhawan’s cinematography impresses with picturesque landscapes and dynamic chase sequences. Sanyukta Kaza and Meghna Manchanda Sen’s editing maintains a crisp pace.

Hariharan’s ‘Tu Hi Re’ serves as the soul of ‘Killer Soup,’ adding an iconic touch to the dark tale. Despite some imperfections in editing and pacing, the series is a must-watch for the gripping performances by the ensemble cast and Chaubey’s compelling direction.

Netflix Killer Soup Review: Starcast

Manoj Bajpayee: Manoj Bajpayee shines in ‘Killer Soup’ with two very different characters. One is loud and obnoxious; the other elicits empathy as a victim. Bajpayee’s acting is outstanding, never letting the two roles blend. Even with eccentric makeup that gets a bit much in the second episode, he remains a delight to watch, showcasing his remarkable talent and keeping the audience hooked in his own way.

Konkona Sen: Konkona Sen Sharma is amazing in ‘Killer Soup.’ She brings Swathi to life, from her cute and Killer soup dreams to shifting effortlessly between roles like a housewife, distressed damsel, and cold-hearted killer. Konkona’s performance is truly remarkable, making Swathi a standout character in the series.

Cast: M. Nissar shines as the inspector, skillfully growing into the role of an exasperated police officer with brilliant finesse. Despite Kani Kusruti’s relatively small character, she proves to be the ideal fit for the dark comedy genre. Anbu Thasan kicks off the laughter with his deadpan comedy early on. The side characters, especially the kalaripayattu dancer and master chef, are portrayed with excellence and contribute significantly to raising the series to a higher standard.

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Netflix Killer Soup Review: Final Words

‘Killer Soup’ is a must-watch, although it may not cater to everyone’s taste buds. For enthusiasts of the genre, it is a testament to the potential of such concepts in mainstream cinema. While some plot points feel predictable, the excellent performances of the whole cast elevate the viewing experience. In dark comedic thrillers, ‘Killer Soup’ distinguishes itself with nuanced storytelling and captivating layers. It’s a perfect binge-watch for those seeking a unique and fresh experience!

Netflix Killer Soup Review: Movie Trailer

Netflix Killer Soup Review
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